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MommyG is a derivation of Momiji, a character from the Japanese anime, Fruits Basket that my daughter used to watch. When I started my longarm quilting business in 2012, I decided to keep the moniker.

In 2015, I set the business aside and went back to fulltime nursing. During the pandemic, I worked as case manager for the ICUs where we cared for the sickest of the COVID patients. During that time, I used quilting as a form of therapy, as a way to brighten an otherwise dreary world. People saw my work, and asked me to make quilts for them. So here I am today, offering quilts and quilting services. 

 In addition to longarm quilting, I also make tshirt quilts and animal portraits. If there is something you want me to make/quilt for you, please let me know.

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